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Pod point Solo 3


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The Pod Point Solo EV charger is a Wi-Fi enabled smart charger which pairs with the Pod Point App (iOS & Android devices) via Wi-Fi, so you can view all your charging activity and associated costs on your smartphone. The Wi-Fi connection also enables remote support and over-the-air software updates that can enhance the performance of your charge point

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Pod point Solo 3 Tethered

charger features

3 Year Warranty

With the industry-standard being 3 years of warranty protection

Socketed or Tethered Options

Available in both tethered and socketed versions. For all-electric cars and plug-in hybrids with type 2 connectors

Automatic Updates

By connecting your Solo to Wi-Fi you will receive over-the-air software updates. Receive new smart features that we release in future without having to buy a new charger. Get remote diagnostics from our support team in the unlikely event there’s an issue with your charger.

Auto Power Balancing

To prevent your home from absorbing too much energy all at once, adjust your electrical supply to stop overloading. Charging returns to the fastest rate automatically, once more power becomes available. It lets you run all your home appliances as needed and makes it possible to install a second chargepoint for other vehicles

mobile features

  • Make sure you are connected to your Wi-Fi to access the Pod Point App to enable the Solo Smart Charger pairs.
  • View your cost, charging history, and kilowatt hour consumed alongside your public and workplace charging.
  • Download and export itemised charge-activity reports to inform your vehicle or home budgeting.
  • iOS and Android App approved


  • Datasheet: Click here
  • Diameter Depth: 360mm 150mm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Colour Range: Grey
  • Charging output: 3.6kW, 7kW 22kW (price may vary depending on charging output)

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Pod point Solo 3 Tethered

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