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Myenergi Zappi v2 Socketed


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The Zappi Smart EV Charger not only operates as a traditional EV charger, it can also charge your EV using 100% free energy generated from your solar PV or wind generation.

Zappi can charge for free using your PV during the day and be set to charge at the most economical times at night if you have preferred economy rates from your energy provider. All controllable by the myenergi APP.

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Myenergi zappi v2 7.2kw tethered

charger features

3 Year Warranty

With the industry-standard being 3 years of warranty protection

Socketed or Tethered Options

Available in both tethered and socketed versions

Three charging modes

Eco, Eco+ and Fast, decide whether to prioritise free solar energy or speed of charge

Monitor your solar charging

Zappi uses a singular CT clamp to monitor and direct your surplus solar/wind energy into your car. But by purchasing a second CT clamp, you are able to receive full visualisation of how much energy is being produced and where it is going

Charge scheduling

Use the Myenergi app that allows you to charge at a time that suits you. For example when your electricity rate is at its cheapest

mobile features

  • Use the Myenergi app to control your Zappi
  • Start/Stop feature
  • Control your charging schedule to suit your driving lifestyle or off-peak
  • Monitor your energy usage (additional CT clamps required)
  • iOS and Android App approved


  • Datasheet: Click here
  • Size: 439 x 282 x 122mm
  • Weight: 5.6kg
  • Colour Range: black/ grey
  • Charging output: 7kW & 22W (price may vary depending on charging output)

similar products

Myenergi zappi v2 7.2kw tethered

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